Thursday, 30 June 2011

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Teaser images!

Here's a devilishly sneaky teaser at the first three illustrations from The Unseen Chronicles of Amelia Black, courtesy of my dearest creative partner, Gillian Reid! I've personally been truly blown away and overwhelmed at what I've seen so far. If you scroll down to the next one you'll see a dodgy photograph of the top one as present on the Kindle, however I'll leave showing the high-res versions for now.

Spread the word! It's all getting very exciting!

{A.G.R Moore}

Sunday, 26 June 2011

I believe in Amelia Black....

This photo, taken from my desk, makes me smile every time I see it.

I've already posted this image on Facebook and Twitter to such amazing support and such a positive response - thank you all - so thought it was a good idea to use it as a post it here too - still not sure what I'm using this blog for yet. This illustration above of my novel's heroine, Amelia Black, brought to you and I by the amazing Gillian Reid, is the first you'll see when you open the book at the first chapter. The feeling I got when I saw this on my own Kindle for the first time, was a truly special moment for me. If I could find the words I would place them here. This got me thinking about something. I apologise now for the the amount of sentimental nonsense this might sound to most readers...

This character, this little girl, this magical soul was created out of thin air. Out of some place in the back of my mind one November evening back in 2009 and now I can't believe I'm on the verge of sharing her adventure with you all. Maybe it's naive optimism, but I'm starting to let myself get excited about it.

She exists because of this book, she exists because of Gill's illustrations.

I hope from next month she will exist because of each and every one of you who reads this book, and enjoys it.


{A.G.R. Moore.}