Wednesday, 8 February 2012


I actually have things to put on this blog! Wow, good times. So last week I was just shooting out the door to meet my dear friend Heather McGarrigle (check her blog too! for a spot of lunch in The Potted Hen in Belfast - great meal it was too - when, out of the blue, I got a phone call from a lovely lady at the BBC named Ruth Sanderson asking me down to talk about e-publishing and Amelia Black on the show, Arts Extra. Bricking it though I was, it was a tremendous experience and the kind words from both Ruth and the host of the show, Marie, really gave me a confidence boost in regards to my work.

So would like to say a huge thanks to them for having me, when far more knowledgeable sorts probably should have been asked. The snippet from the show itself is embedded at the top, and the main theme centres around Ewan Morrison's (also featured on the show) article he did the day previously for The Guardian which is featured here ::

Quick update on book related stuff while I'm here...

  • My second book titled A Boy Named Hogg is now in its third drafting phase and progressing quite nicely. Aiming for a June/July release.
  • The Unseen Trials of Amelia Black has officially begun. Been so much fun returning to it again, after a year away from it.
  • Also possibly have a wee children's picture book story in the works involving a mouse with a house, a boy robot made of tin and a kind gentle monster, who's not really a monster named Quinten. It's not far off completion but I'm currently not 100% what I will do with it.

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